Minor in Construction Planning and Management


This program covers the most current theories and practice of construction planning and management. The program provides a valuable adjunct credential to professional school students pursuing careers in business administration, public administration, architecture, environmental studies, and other areas.

Construction activities are complex. In contemporary society, effective planning and management of these activities requires specialized knowledge of the technical, economic and policy environment. This program couples the knowledge of how construction activities are organized with a broader understanding of the urban system in which construction projects are embedded. With the exception of statistics, all of the required courses are within the Department of Civil Engineering and the Price School of Public Policy

This minor program is rigorous enough to serve as an introductory credential for students subsequently electing to pursue advanced studies in development, urban planning, construction management, architecture or allied fields.

Advisement is provided by the Department of Civil Engineering.

For detailed course information, please see the Course Catalogue. For a course schedule, please see the Schedule of Classes.

Required Courses

Seven courses consisting of at least 23 units are required for the minor.


Students must complete an advisor approved course in statistics. Candidate courses include ECON 317, EE 364, ISE 220, MATH 208, PPD 303, PSYC 274, SOCI 314 and similar courses. The statistics course must be at least three units.

CE 460 Construction Engineering, 3 units
CE 461 General Construction Estimating, 3 units
CE 462 Construction Methods and Equipment or CE 469 Sustainability or CE 470 Building Information Modeling and Integrated Practice, 3 units

Theme Requirement

Two courses, both from Theme 1 or Theme 2 or Theme 3.

Theme 1:
PPD 358 Urban and Regional Economics, 4 units
RED 362 Real Estate Fundamentals for Planning and Development, 4 units

Theme 2:
FBE 400x: Introduction to Real Estate Finance and Development
FBE 466: Management of Real Estate Development: Feasibility Studies

Theme 3:
PPD 357: Government and Business (prerequisite required)
RED 362: Analyzing Real Estate Markets for Planning and Development, 4 units

Electives (select one)

CE 404: Business and Intellectual Property Law for Engineers
CE 412: Construction Law and the Property Development Process
RED 437: Advanced Finance and Investment for Planning and Development, 4 units (prerequisite required)

To learn more about this minor program or to declare it, please contact:

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(213) 740-0587
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Minor in Construction Planning and Management