Minor in International Policy and Management

7304365556_7c7d6785fe_nThe minor in international policy and management brings together courses from the School of International Relations, which deal with new global challenges, specific regions of the world and international organizations and policies; and the Price School of Public Policy, dealing with core management skills and public policy processes.

Students will gain understanding of the changes and challenges of a rapidly changing world and a taste of the policy and management skills to deal with them. To increase  understanding of the context and application of these concepts, students must complete a semester-long internship in Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles with an organization that has an international focus.

Students take three courses in international relations, including the gateway course, as well as three courses in public policy and management, and an approved internship through the School of International Relations (IR 491x).

International Relations

IR Required Courses:

  • Managing New Global Challenges (IR 305)

IR Regional Courses
Students select one of the following:

  • China in International Affairs (IR 333)
  • Russian and Soviet Foreign Policy (IR 345)
  • The Asian Pacific in World Affairs (IR 358)
  • International Relations of the Pacific Rim (IR 360)
  • South and Southeast Asia in International Affairs (IR 361)
  • The International Relations of the Contemporary Middle East (IR 362)
  • Middle East Political Economy (IR 363)
  • U.S. Responses to Revolutionary Change in Latin America and the Caribbean (IR 365)
  • Africa in International Affairs (IR 367)
  • Contemporary European International Relations (IR 369)
  • Third World Negotiations (IR 383)
  • European Foreign Policy and Security Issues (IR 385)
  • Political Economy of Russia and Eurasia (IR 439)
  • Japanese Foreign Policy (IR 442)
  • European Integration (IR 468)

IR Electives
Students select one of the following or an additional course from the IR Regional Courses list:

  • International Organizations (IR 306)
  • Contemporary International Politics (IR 307)
  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies (IR 310)
  • Ethnicity and Nationalism in World Politics (IR 315)
  • Gender and Global Issues (IR 316)
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace Research (IR 318)
  • Politics of Global Environment (IR 323)
  • Multinational Enterprises and World Politics (IR 324)
  • Rich and Poor States in the World Political Economy (IR 325)
  • U.S. Foreign Economic Policy (IR 326)
  • International Negotiation (IR 327)
  • Politics of the World Economy (IR 330)
  • Foreign Policy Analysis (IR 341)
  • U.S. Foreign Policy since World War II (IR 343)
  • Developing Countries and World Politics (IR 344)
  • Introduction to International Security (IR 381)
  • Order and Disorder in Global Affairs (IR 382)
  • Seminar on Economics and Security (IR 427)
  • Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy (IR 441)
  • Issues and Theories in Global Society (IR 444)

Price School of Public Policy

The Price School component requires completion of the following three options:

Public Policy Courses (Option 1)

  • Public Policy and Management (PPD 225)

Additionally, students select two classes from the following:

  • Government and Business (prerequisites: ECON 203) (PPD 357)
  • The Nonprofit Sector and the Public Interest (PPD 371)
  • Public Policy and Planning Analysis (PPD 373)
  • Public Policy and Planning Analysis (prerequisites: ECON 203, PPD 225 and PPD 404) (PPD 473)
  • Politics and Administration (PPD 476)
  • Comparative Public Administration (PPD 482)

Public Management Courses (Option 2)

  • Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations (PPD 402)

Additionally, students select two classes from the following:

  • Administration of Financial Resources (PPD 313)
  • Financial Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations (PPD 407)
  • Sacramento Semester (PPD 411a)
  • Politics and Administration (PPD 476)


Each student is required to complete an approved internship. Those students not completing the Washington, D.C. Semester option may take a two-unit internship either through the School of International Relations (IR 491) or the Price School of Public Policy (PPD 401).

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