USC Price School of Public Policy

Minor in Health Policy

16687521838_aec7ec8b10_zAs the global population continues to age, creating effective health policy will take on an increasingly vital societal role. This 16-unit minor provides students with a background in  policy issues and challenges related to quality, cost, and access to health care. Students in this minor will acquire an understanding of these issues and the skills required to influence health policy across a variety of channels.

Required Courses

Health Policy minors are required to take the following courses:

Fundamentals of Health Policy and Management (PPD 325)
Institutions and processes affecting healthcare policy and management of healthcare delivery in the United States; historical and philosophical roots; access and quality issues; responsiveness to public needs.

Introduction to Healthcare Systems (PPD 330)
Concepts and determinants of health and illness; health care delivery organizations and programs; the role of the administrator; issues in healthcare financing and access; quality evaluation; future trends.

Health Policy (PPD 415)
Health policy analysis and challenges; price of health; structure of major sectors in health care; role of insurance in policy debates; trade-offs with policy decisions.


  • Health Issues in Adulthood (GERO 416)
  • Environmental Health in the Community (HP 408)
  • Health Promotion and Prevention Policy (HP 412)
  • AIDS in Society (HP 422)
  • Mental Health Law (LAW 403)
  • Government and Business (PPD 357)
  • Community Health Policy and Planning (PPD 414)

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