Price Student Q&A: Ella Brunsman

Ella BrunsmanHometown: Minnetonka, MN
Major: Public Policy

Q. What inspired you to choose your major?

A. The Public Policy major offers a unique way to analyse and understand current social issues. It creates a foundation to approaching many of the topics I am most passionate about, including; environmental issues, policy development, and developmental planning.

Q. What opportunities has Price afforded you?

A. The professors I have had at Price have all been working leaders in their field.. This has allowed me to learn from their expertise and to keep an eye on the practical implications of complex policy ideas. They have guided me to look into a broad variety of career paths and introduced me to the a number of concepts and possibilities I hadn’t considered. This led me to interning at a start-up non-profit this summer, where I was lucky to experience the intense passion and innovation that it takes to lead a non-profit.

Q. What skills have you developed in your time at Price?

A. As a Price student, I’ve been given the opportunity to discuss and debate with individuals from every walk of life. The diversity has helped me develop new problem-solving and communications skills as well as awareness that can be applied to both my professional career and personal life.

Q. Tell us about your internship experience

A. My summer internship was at Cultivate International (Minneapolis, MN), where I worked on a developing a training course for an online platform that is provided to underprivileged and minority community leaders internationally.

Q. What class have you enjoyed most at Price and why?

A. PPD 314: Public Policy and Law was an amazing introduction to what would be the first year of law school. It provided me with a basic introduction to the language of law and the mind-set of a lawyer.

Q. What are your future career plans?

A. I hope to one day work in corporate sustainability and contribute to environmental justice causes

Q. What is the best advice anyone has given to you regarding your education?

A. The best I have ever received was to learn for the pursuit of knowledge, not the grade you desire.