Price Student Q&A: Ivana Giang

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Public Policy; Global Studies

Q. What inspired you to choose your major?

A. I switched to the Public Policy major from the Policy, Planning, and Development major because I was excited about a more concentrated area of study. I am pursuing the Advanced Policy Analysis track and the International Development concentration, because in my career, I hope to analyze policy that transcends national borders. My ultimate goal is to lay the policy foundations so that communities around the world can develop in a more sustainable, permanent manner.

Q. What opportunities has Price afforded you?

A. In times where I have questioned what kind of world we live in today, Price has given me the space to discuss these questions and possible answers in terms of policy. For example, spaces such as the Students of Color and Allies Policy Forum and Partnership for an Equitable Los Angeles, and programs such as Black Lives Matter: Implications for Policy, Planning and Management in Los Angeles have enabled me to think about how I would answer these questions in a future career position that I will hold.

Q. What skills have you developed in your time at Price?

A. In my time at Price, I have learned to consider any number of consequences for potential policy solutions that I have brainstormed. At Price, our decisions in theory as students and in practice as future professionals will have a real impact on the world we live in. I have learned that it is crucial to consider policies from all points of view, especially how they might affect those that identify differently than I do.

Q. Tell us about your internship experience.

A. This summer, I interned at the GlobeMed Global Headquarters in the Chicago area, which gave me a crucial perspective of non-profit organizations in this greater effort toward international development that I wish to be a part of. I worked on the Communications team and came to a deeper understanding about this particular angle toward global social justice that emphasizes anti-oppression and the empowerment of disadvantaged communities. I have taken these principles with me to consider in my courses at Price.

Q. What class have you enjoyed most at Price and why?

A. The PPD 245: The Urban Context for Policy and Planning was an incredible course that I took my freshman year. After questioning why Urban Planning courses were required for Policy, Planning, and Development majors, I finally understood through this class that the ways in which we plan our cities directly affect the lives of those living in and around them. I learned so much from Dr. Lisa Schweitzer about what the responsibilities of an urban planner might imply.

Q. What are your future career plans?

A. I hope to work in international development by emphasizing the crucial role of grassroots organizations abroad. It is only by listening to those that we are trying to help that we can structure a world that will develop most sustainably, according to those communities’ needs. Whether I research to recommend policies or come to teach someday, those values of social justice and anti-oppression will remain core to me.

Q. What is the best advice anyone has given to you regarding your education?

A. The best advice I have ever received is to take responsibility for my own education. If there is truly something that I want to do in this world and I have to learn it before I can do it, then I have to put in the time and effort to become educated about it.