Price Student Q&A: Victoria Toris

Victoria TorisHometown: Scottsdale, AZ
Major: Urban Studies and Planning

Q. What inspired you to choose your major?

A. I chose the Urban Studies and Planning major because I enjoy learning about buildings, zoning and how different cities run. I really get excited about learning new topics in this major and I just picked up a minor in Architecture.

Q. What opportunities has Price afforded you?

A. Price has offered me many opportunities throughout the past three years at USC. Price is great at sending emails that keep students up to date with all the events going on around campus. Price also has lots of people who are willing to help you with thing like, meeting mentors, applying for jobs/internships and succeeding in your classes. Also, the career fairs are a really great resource to use if you are looking for an internship or job.

Q. What skills have you developed in your time at Price?

A. Through Price I have learned lots of different applications such as Arc GIS and Sketch Up. I thought this was most useful to use on my resume and both are software that I will continue to use.

Q. Tell us about your internship experience

A. This past summer I interned at the City of Phoenix as a long range planning intern. It was a great experience to be able to shadow during meetings with clients and community members. We also worked on a light rail extension corridor and produced history and data about this area to help eventually create a policy plan for the community. We produced potential Sketch Up renderings to show the ideal possible redevelopments that could happen along the corridor.

Q. What class have you enjoyed most at Price and why?

A. I enjoyed RED 425: Designable Living Communities with Professor Gish the most so far here at Price. The class was very hands on; we learned how to sketch on sketch paper, as well as, work on redeveloping an existing site. We learned how to use Sketch Up in this class, which was crucial to my internship this past summer. Everything that I learned in this class was relatable and useful information that I applied in my internship this past summer.

Q. What are your future career plans?

A. I want to work for the public sector first and then move to the private sector. I enjoyed interning for the city this summer and definitely see myself wanting to work for a city, and then eventually moving to a private firm.

Q. What is the best advice anyone has given to you regarding your education?

A. The best advice I’ve gotten would be to use the resources that USC has to offer. There are so many staff members and professors that are willing to help you. There are also a lot of events that Price offers that more people should take advantage of. Four years goes by fast, so its best to use what the school is providing its students.