SURE Program Frequently Asked Questions

25904924514_35fd8f1d74_zMay I conduct research without a faculty sponsor?
No. All applications must include a Price faculty member’s signed agreement to sponsor the research.

Can the faculty sponsor be from another USC unit?
No. This funding supports research by Price majors working with Price faculty members.

Can a teaching, research, or adjunct faculty member sponsor my research?
Yes, any faculty member associated with the Price School can sponsor the research.

How do I go about finding a faculty sponsor?
Most students will approach a faculty member with whom they have taken a course. Alternatively, students could approach a faculty member in an area they are interested in studying by exploring faculty profiles on the Price School web page. Go to their office hours, tell them about your specific research interest and see if they are interested in supporting you.

May I use the money as a stipend and not for travel or related other costs?
No, you may not use the money simply as a stipend.

My research is going to cost more than $2000 — can I request more?
No. To ensure that we can support as many students as possible, we limit awards to a maximum of $2,000.

May I do research outside of Los Angeles?
Yes. The research may be conducted anywhere in the world.

Does the faculty sponsor choose the research topic?
No. The research topic should be shaped collaboratively, with the student and faculty sponsor discussing various options and opportunities. However, the student must get the faculty sponsor’s approval of the topic before submitting an application.

How is information gathered through this research used?
We strongly encourage students to present their material in some form that the School can share in their research.  Various possibilities include a policy brief, a journal article in one of the several student journals nationwide, or in digital form.

What if my research extends through more than one semester?
The award is for one semester only. Students may reapply for further funding, but preference is given to students applying for the first time.

What if I change my research topic?
If you and your faculty sponsor agree to modify your research topic, that is fine. However, if the faculty sponsor fails to approve of your final product, the award will be withdrawn.

What should my end result look like?
You should produce a product that the School’s constituents – faculty, students, alumni, and friends – can share in and learn from. A journal article, policy brief, web page, or some presentation of your results is essential. Faculty approval of your research will be dependent upon you producing such a product.

What is the timeline for finding out if I have been approved for funding?
The award will be available for use at the onset of the academic term following your application’s approval.