Financial Aid and Fees


Students participating in the Washington Semester program register for 16 units of off-campus coursework and pay tuition and fees directly to USC.

Since students will be registered at USC, all USC grants, loans and scholarships may be used. Students receiving financial aid at USC should talk to the USC Office of Financial Aid about individual circumstances, as it is sometimes possible to:

  • Convert College Work Study money to loan money
  • Increase loan eligibility due to increased housing expenses in Washington
  • Increase loan eligibility due to additional travel expenses

Loan Refund

Students expecting a loan refund should set up a direct deposit into their bank account if they have not already done so.

Estimated Tuition Fees

USC Tuition (flat rate): Please see the Schedule of Classes or the USC Catalogue for the USC tuition rate.

Student Health Insurance
USC requires all students provide proof of health insurance. Since many students receive coverage under a non-USC plan, USC off-campus health insurance is not automatically applied to the student’s account. Students requiring USC off-campus health insurance need to contact the USC Student Health Insurance office at (213) 740-0551. They will be billed for an “off-campus” health insurance policy. Students will not be billed for the USC Student Health Center.

Housing Expenses

USC students attending the Washington Semester program at The George Washington University live in residence halls on campus and pay housing fees directly to GWU. Each room includes a kitchen and is equipped with cable and a internet connections. Most have separate dining areas and living rooms. Classrooms, the library, the subway and athletic center are within a 10-minute walk from the residence halls.

Costs vary by semester and location.