Los Angeles Location



The Price School’s setting in Southern California—with its large and diverse population, its complexity, and its reputation for innovation—remains an invaluable asset.

Los Angeles is where urban trends often first appear, serving as a laboratory for the rest of the country—from suburbanization in the 1950s to today’s food trucks. With the historic importance of the real estate industry to the region’s rapid expansion and continued prominence, new ideas seeded here then take root around the world—such as the real estate investment trust, to name just one example.

The physical environment touches all issues important to the human condition, from evolving demographics to government policy addressing climate change. Southern California’s large, multicultural population and full spectrum of real estate types and approaches—single-family and multifamily residential, retail, office, big box, warehousing, transit-oriented, industrial, hospitality, and more—make this a uniquely heterogeneous and fertile environment for studying and advancing the broad field of real estate.

The longstanding and close connections maintained by the Price School with those working in one of the world’s most active real estate markets provides another tremendous advantage. In the earliest days, the Price School’s real estate program helped define the industry itself as a profession, through a rigorous academic enterprise and creation of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, which has ensured a lasting and deep synergy with leaders from the local real estate community. The nonprofit Urban Land Institute (ULI) established its first regional chapter in Los Angeles, and USC Price faculty members maintain strong ties with ULI locally and nationally.


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