Dual Degree Programs

USC has approved of several dual degree programs involving the Price School of Public Policy.

Graduate students enrolled in USC Price dual degree programs will complete all requirements for the dual degree program and be awarded both diplomas at the same time. Academic units that offer these programs frequently adjust the requirements for each degree to account for correlations across required coursework.  Since both degrees are conferred at the same time, students should not file for graduation with one program until they have (or will have) completed the requirements for both programs. Students must file for graduation with both programs.

The creation of dual degree programs, like any other graduate degree program, requires formal approval from the university’s Graduate and Professional Studies Committee. Students, faculty, and administrators may not create dual degree programs that have not been approved by the appropriate university committee nor can they authorize a substantial reduction in units for students in two independent master’s degree programs (non-approved dual degree programs).

Admission to a Dual Degree

To pursue a dual degree, students must be admitted to both programs in the separate schools and departments. Some students apply directly to both programs when they first apply to USC. Others transition to a dual degree track once enrolled. Students should confer with their degree director and Student Services Advisor as early as possible to gain comprehensive understanding of the requirements for a dual degree.

Process for Applying to a Dual Degree

The process for applying to a dual degree:

  • Student submits the Graduate Application for Admission and all items required for admission to the school or program to which they have not yet been admitted.
  • Once admitted to both programs (e.g., MPL and MSW), students notify their Student Services Advisor that they wish to pursue the dual degree.
  • Students complete the Dual Degree Objective Form. These forms may also be obtained from the appropriate Student Services Advisor. This form must be signed by designated officials in both programs.
  • The Student Services Advisor processes the request with the Registrar’s Office.

Students who have completed all requirements for one of the degree programs and who decide to withdraw from the dual degree program may receive the appropriate single diploma.

Students who have withdrawn from the dual degree program, then decide later to complete the second degree must apply for admission, be admitted, and fulfill all requirements for the second degree

A maximum of four units of transfer credit may be applied toward an approved dual degree program. For additional information, please go to the Course Work Taken Elsewhere page in the USC Catalogue.

For additional information on dual degrees, go to the Dual Degree Programs page in the USC Catalogue.