Appealing a Grade and Grade Correction

7218147160_ee93792238_nA grade once reported to the Office of Academic Records and Registrar may not be changed except by request of the faculty member to the Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures on a Correction of Grade Form. Only work completed prior to the end of the semester may be considered when assigning a grade.

If a student believes a grade has been assigned in error, he/she should take the following action:

  • Contact the course instructor to find out if the grade is a mistake.
  • If the student does not agree with the instructor’s assessment, he/she may then appeal to the Degree Director. The Degree Director will either make an assessment based on discussions with the professor and the student, or appoint a faculty committee to review the situation.
  • If the student does not agree with the decision of the Degree Director, he/she may appeal to the dean.

Faculty Request for a Change of Grade
If a faculty member has assigned a grade in error or agrees to change a grade, the faculty member initiates a change of grade process with the Student Affairs Office. This process is also used if a student receives a Missing Grade (“MG”) in a course.