Credit/No Credit and Pass/No Pass Grades

USC uses the following grading system:

  • CR = credit (passing grade for a non–letter graded course equivalent to “B” or 3.0 quality or better for graduate credit and “C–” or 1.7 for undergraduate credit)
  • NC = no credit (for a non–letter–graded course equivalent to a “B” or less for graduate and less than “C–” for undergraduate)
  • P = pass (passing grade equivalent to a “B” or 3.0 quality or better for graduate and “C–” or 1.7 for an undergraduate credit course taken on a Pass/No Pass basis)
  • NP = no pass (less than the equivalent of a “B” for a graduate or “C–” for an undergraduate for a letter–graded course taken on a Pass/No Pass basis).

Credit/No Credit Policies

Certain courses have been authorized by the University Curriculum Committee to be graded Credit/No Credit. The Registration page in the USC Catalogue specifies whether or not a course is designated as Credit/No Credit. Students may not enroll in a course on a Credit/No Credit basis unless the course is listed as being offered as Credit/No Credit.

Pass/No Pass Policies

Graduate Students
Graduate students must receive departmental approval to enroll in a graduate course on a Pass/No pass basis. To enroll, students must complete the Pass/No Pass Request for Change of Program; enrollment is not available by Touch–Tone telephone. USC Price will not allow graduate students to apply courses taken on a pass/no pass basis towards an USC Price degree.

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduates may take one General Education Course Pass/No pass. Otherwise, no coursework taken Pass/No pass may be applied to the degree or the minor. No coursework may be taken Pass/No pass for minor programs.

A maximum of 24 units of undergraduate course work taken on a pass/no pass basis may be used toward an undergraduate degree and a maximum of 4 of these 24 units may be applied to the general education requirements. Use of pass/no pass course work to fulfill major requirements must be approved in writing by the academic department. Individual academic departments may have placed further restrictions on whether a course taken on a pass/no pass basis can be used to fulfill specific requirements. For additional information, please go to the Undergraduate Students page in the Requirements for Graduation section of the USC Catalogue.

For additional information, go to the Academic Standards page in the USC Catalogue.