Second Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees

17688448208_5f1bb8d95d_nStudents might opt to pursue a second master’s or bachelor’s degree for a variety of reasons.  It could be that an approved dual degree program does not fit their interest, prepare for a career change, or simply to pursue further knowledge in a new discipline. USC Price has specific procedures students must follow in undertaking a second degree:

Second Master’s Degree

A “second master’s degree” is any master’s degree pursued after a first master’s degree is earned at USC or another university. The maximum number of units which may be applied toward the second master’s degree for coursework taken from the first master’s degree is:

  • Four units toward degree programs requiring 24–32 units
  • Eight units toward programs requiring 33–40 units
  • Twelve units toward programs requiring 41 or more units

A second master’s degree is not allowed in the same program of study for students who earned their first master’s degree at USC. For students who earned their first master’s degree at another institution, no coursework may be repeated from the first program of study and no units from the first program of study may be counted toward the second master’s degree.

Students who wish to pursue two degrees at USC that are not approved dual degrees and wish to take advantage of a reduction in units should complete one degree first. They may then take advantage of rules governing a second master’s degree and applicable courses from the first. Otherwise, students must complete all requirements for both degrees to earn two master’s degrees at USC.

For additional information, please go to the Graduate Students page in the Requirements for Graduation section of the USC Catalogue.

Second Bachelor’s Degree

A second bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 32 additional units. For some degrees, more than the 32 additional units may necessary to fulfill all requirements for the second degree. The student receives a separate diploma for each degree upon completion.

For additional information, please reference the USC Catalogue.

Residence Requirements
For students holding their first bachelor’s degree from USC, 32 units applicable to the second degree (beyond the number of units required for the first USC bachelor’s degree) must be completed in residence.

For students with their first bachelor’s degree from another institution, the second bachelor’s degree requires 64 units toward the degree be completed in residence.