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USC Policy

A maximum of 25% of the stated degree course requirements — exclusive of Master’s Thesis (594), Doctoral Dissertation (794), and electives — may be approved for waiver or substitution by other USC coursework, directed research or transfer coursework

USC Price Policies

Graduate students often wish to take graduate courses in other departments at USC. In most cases, students may take some or all of their electives in another graduate program, but they may rarely satisfy core requirements through theses courses. Students should seek approval in advance from their Degree Director prior to taking coursework in another department.

Applying Outside Department Coursework to the USC Price Degree

Before enrolling in a course in another USC school or department, master’s students should submit a USC Price Master’s Petition (PDF) to the appropriate Student Services Advisor requesting that certain courses and units be applied to their degree. If the course is to substitute for a core course, that request must be made on the petition. Students should attach a copy of the course description and syllabus. (MPL students may take eight units outside of USC Price without having to petition. MRED students may enroll in the approved non–USC Price courses specified on their program of study without having to petition.)

  • Approval for doctoral students taking courses outside of USC Price is negotiated with the student’s Guidance Committee.
  • The Student Services Advisor forwards the petition to the appropriate Degree Director for approval.
  • Students are informed of the decision in writing by the Student Services Advisor.

Additional Information

For additional information, please go to the Graduate Students page in the Requirements for Graduation section of the USC Catalogue.