How to Request Transfer Credit

TRO-Ex-05The processes that students must follow when requesting transfer credit is described below. Please note that transfer credit is not automatic and students should confer with a student services advisor before attempting work at another institution.

» Graduate Students
» Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

  • Students submit an official transcript to their Student Services Advisor. This must show courses and grades received in those courses at the institution from which it was completed.
  • Students submit a USC Price Master’s Petition (PDF) or a USC Price Doctoral Petition (PDF) to their appropriate Student Services Advisor requesting that transfer work from the other institution(s) be applied to their degree.
  • The Student Services Advisor will request a Transfer Credit Evaluation.
  • Degree Progress will send the Student Services Advisor and student a report indicating which courses are eligible to be transferred toward a USC degree. This report does not imply that these courses will be transferred to USC and applied to the degree. That decision is up to the Degree Director.
  • The Student Services Advisor will forward the student’s petition and Credit Evaluation to the appropriate Degree Director for approval.
  • The student is informed of the decision in writing by the Student Services Advisor.

Undergraduate Students

Students who want to take summer coursework elsewhere after admission to USC must first obtain appropriate written pre–approval from the Degree Progress Department. Even if an articulation agreement stands, pre–approval is required to ensure eligibility. Online instructions are available at:

Once the coursework has been completed elsewhere, students must request the other institution send an official transcript to USC before the coursework can be evaluated and transferred.

Students should request that a transcript be sent to the:

Degree Progress Department
USC Registrar One Stop Center
615 Childs Way, TRO 101
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0912

All transcripts must arrive in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. After allowing four (4) weeks for delivery, the student should take the written pre-approval to the Degree Progress Department (TRO 101). If the transcript has arrived, it will be matched with the pre-approval and the transfer evaluation will be complete.

Additional Information

For additional information, please go to the Course Work Taken Elsewhere page in the USC Catalogue.