List of Listserv Names part 2

Master’s Student Lists
Master of Health Administration students: [email protected]
Master of Planning students (including fast-track students): [email protected]
Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management: [email protected]
Master of Public Administration students: [email protected]
Master of Public Administration Online:  [email protected]
Master of Public Policy students: [email protected]
Master of International Public Policy and Management students: [email protected]
Master of Real Estate Development students: [email protected]
Executive Master of Health Administration students: [email protected]
Executive Master of Leadership students: [email protected]
Executive Master of Urban Planning students: [email protected]
All masters students (includes graduate certificate program students): [email protected]

Doctoral Student Lists
Ph.D students: [email protected]
DPPD students: [email protected]
All doctoral students: [email protected]

Undergraduate Student Lists
Undergraduate Real Estate Development: [email protected]
Undergraduate Public Policy: [email protected]
Undergraduate Urban Studies and Planning:  [email protected]
Undergraduate Policy, Planning and Development:  [email protected]
All undergraduate students (including minors): [email protected]