Canceling Enrollment

9044339626_39618db436_nStudents who elect to drop all classes in a given semester have three options by which to proceed:

  • Complete a “Request for Change of Program” application in person at the Registration Building
  • Send a letter requesting to withdraw from all classes to the Registration Department
  • Fax a request to the Registration Department (213-821-3724)

Students may not drop all classes via the web or telephone.

All withdrawals must be requested, received, and processed by the end of the third week of class for sessions lasting 12 or more weeks to be eligible for a 100% refund. For sessions lasting less than 12 weeks, students should contact the academic unit for refund information.

Students who need to cancel enrollment:

  • May submit a Leave of Absence with their Student Services Advisor prior to the end of the third week of classA
  • After the third week of class, students should also file the following to request readmission (if planning to register in the upcoming semester):
  • Between the fourth and twelfth weeks of class, students should note they will receive a “W” on their transcript

Student Housing and Financial Aid
When cancelling enrollment, students in USC housing should inform the Housing and Residence Halls Office. He/she may be liable for housing charges. Students receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the effect on their eligibility for financial aid in the future.

Family or Medical Emergencies
After the twelfth week of class, students with extenuating circumstances should request from the professor a grade of Incomplete in the courses which they are enrolled. Incomplete (IN) is only available for family or medical emergencies.