EAT: Edible Art Tours of the Senses

Authors: Christine Dang, Jared Johnson, and Alison Spindler


Overview: EAT: Edible Art Tours of the Senses is a proposed park for the site bounded by First Street, Judge John Aiso Street, Temple Street and Alameda Street in Los Angeles, at the northern edge of Little Tokyo. Today, this site is mainly surface parking but contains an important community asset-­‐ the Go for Broke Memorial. Several arts and cultural assets exist along the edge of the site such as The Geffen, East West Players and the Japanese American National Museum. This project aims to activate the site and provide a park for residents, people who work nearby, visitors and tourists.

The site was proposed as an Art Park in 2011 by the Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA) and Bureau of Engineering but was never developed due to the CRA’s dissolution. In fall 2012, as part of the course “Design Skills for Urban Planners” Master of Planning students participated in a five part design process to develop an Art Park design proposal for the site. Under the instruction of Assistant Professor Liz Falletta, student groups undertook a semester-­‐long iterative design process to generate design proposals while analyzing the site, its context, precedents, stakeholders, opportunities and constraints.

Throughout the semester, guest speakers provided feedback and perspective to the student projects, ideas and proposals. Guests offered urban design and architectural expertise, and some represented actual stakeholders for the project, such as the Little Tokyo Service Center and the City of Los Angeles. This proposal represents the work Christine Dang, Jared Johnson and Alison Spindler generated through the design process.

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