USC Price School of Public Policy

Master of Public Administration/Juris Doctorate

The dual degree program with the Law School and the Master of Public Administration program enables qualified students to earn a law degree (JD) and a Master of Public Administration degree in approximately four years. The goals of the program are to encourage law students to gain relevant competencies in administration. Students enrolled in this program take Law courses during their first year and a combination of Public Administration and Law courses during their second, third and fourth years. Students may not first enroll in the MPA and then apply to the MPA/JD.

Students must complete 97 units of coursework including 65 units of law school courses and 32 units of public administration courses.

Public Administration
Public Administration and Society (PPD 540) – 4 units
Economics for Policy, Planning and Development (PPD 501ab) – 2-2 units
Intersectoral Leadership (PPD 500) – 2 units
Public Financial Management and Budgeting (PPD 541*) – 4 units
Professional Practice of Public Administration (PPD 546) – 4 units
Human Behavior in Public Organizations (PPD 545) – 4 units

Student take one course from the following:
Policy and Program Evaluation (PPD 542*) – 4 units
Modeling and Operations Research (PPD 557*) – 4 units
Administration Research and Analysis (PPD 666*) – 4 units

In addition, students complete 6 units of electives.

* The statistics prerequisite needs to be satisfied before enrolling in PPD 541, 542, 557 or 666.