Podcasts from the USC Price School

The PricePod: USC Price’s Official Podcast

Each month, the PricePod bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering new perspectives on how public policy impacts our lives and communities. Our conversations with USC Price School faculty range far and wide, from issues like traffic gridlock and the homelessness crisis to the spiraling cost of healthcare and corruption in politics. Whether you’re a policy wonk, a student, or simply curious about how research can change our world, the PricePod is your source for informed, engaging, and thought-provoking discussions. Join us on the first Wednesday of each month as we explore the world of public policy, one episode at a time.

Other Podcasts from the Price School

An audio book club. Our geeks read and discuss new and classic works in the policy field – fictional and non. Social justice, tech, politics, policy … they cover it all and more. Let’s think about what is at the heart of being a citizen in America. This book club helps us get at the heart of what it means to be a citizen in a democracy. Sponsored by the USC Bedrosian Center.

Hosted by Professor and Lusk Center Director Richard K. Green in the style of longform videos or podcasts, Lusk Perspectives offers timely analysis and shares accurate data vetted by leading experts on the latest developments and observations concerning COVID-19.

Los Angeles Hashtags Herself, a limited series podcast, features representatives of various Angeleno private and public organizations leading the critical trend of using digital media for urban and social development. This diverse group serves as both a reminder and an analytical insight that digital media are neither just “useful” nor peculiar to the sharing and cultural economies, but fast becoming standard to the practice of material and social placemaking. If you like art, community benefits organizations, cultural journalism, real estate, transportation, and the technology industry generally, we hope you will find something worth hearing. Sponsored by the USC Bedrosian Center.

P.S. You’re Interesting is a series of conversations on political science research hosted by Jeffery A. Jenkins. Formerly, “Our American Discourse,” P.S. You’re Interesting continues the series to pick up the tradition Anthony W. Orlando began: to keep thinking about the research we do in the academy, why it matters to us, and hopefully to you. Sponsored by the USC Bedrosian Center.

The 2003 recall of California’s governor, and his replacement with Arnold Schwarzenegger, was more than just history. For Americans, the recall previewed how our politics would grow louder, more populist, more direct. For Californians, Schwarzenegger’s election started a new wave of action-oriented, people-driven governance, with major advances for children, environmental protection, and democratic reform. The California Recall: Its First 20 Years shows that while the recall may be two decades old, it still isn’t over.

The Bigger Picture works to unearth the connections between scholars and the communities in which we live and work. How these connections are working to germinate new ideas and serve our community. Scholars, activists, and practitioners share how their communities impact research, how their research works toward the betterment of their communities as well as more effective democracy together.