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Moving Forward

A Hosted Space for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress

Moving Forward is an online space for uplifting diverse USC Price voices, sharing ideas, encouraging action, accessing resources and finding information about the school’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Whether you are a student, faculty member, staff or alumni of USC Price, we encourage you to join us as we listen, learn and lead.

Our Social Justice Priorities

Moving Forward was launched in early 2017 as part of the USC Price School’s Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion Initiative. We continue our commitment to expanding participation and deepening understanding of diversity, equality and inclusion throughout the Price community.

To this end, Dean Dana Goldman announced the convening of the Price School Social Justice Advisory Board representing faculty, staff and students, effective July 1. Co-chaired by Dr. LaVonna Lewis and Dr. Erroll Southers, the board will advise the dean on actionable proposals to advance research and education in this area with the aim of amplifying our impact over the long term.

EDOA ’17-22 Executive Summary

Issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion are central to the mission of the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. While the School has a long track record of innovative efforts to build diversity and inclusion into our research, outreach, and practice, we are keenly aware that there is always more we must do. 

In December 2015, the Sol Price School of Public Policy formalized its long-standing culture of commitment to social justice through an Initiative on Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion, led by a task force composed of Price School faculty, students, staff, and alumni. 

The work of that task force is represented in our strategic plan, designed to continue and expand our ongoing efforts to support equity, diversity and inclusion throughout our School community and to infuse these principles into our research, outreach, and practice. 

Our plan, entitled Inclusive Excellence at Price, encompasses student intellectual and social development, purposeful growth and use of organizational resources, attention to cultural differences and engaging our diversity in the service of learning and supporting a productive and welcoming community. 

Our plan is focused on attaining three primary goals: 

These goals, in turn, enhance our mission, mandate, and model for Inclusive Excellence. 

Strategic Plan 2017-2022