Knowledge in Action

USC Price researchers routinely put their knowledge into action, engaging with decision makers at the international, national, state, and local levels.

USC Price School of Public Policy faculty are distinguished scholars and professionals who share a deep and abiding commitment to research and teaching. Their diverse academic backgrounds include economics, international relations, urban planning, organizational behavior, philosophy, political science, psychology, public administration, public policy, sociology, and social ethics.

NamePositionExpertiseRelated Tags
Emma AguilaEmma AguilaAssociate ProfessorEconomics of aging, health economics, and applied econometrics
Grace BahngGrace BahngProfessor (Teaching)
Vice Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Policy analysis, experiential learning, community development, international development, data visualization
Christine Beckman headshot with black turtleneck sweaterChristine M. BeckmanProfessor
Price Family Chair in Social Innovation
Director, Price Center for Social Innovation
Social innovation and inequality, organizational learning and interorganizational networks, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, technology and work, organizational control
Professor Antonio BentoAntonio M. BentoProfessor of Public Policy and EconomicsEnvironmental and energy economics, urban economics, public economics, transportation policy, climate policy, environmental regulation
Tara BlancTara BlancAssociate Professor (Teaching)Civic engagement, leadership, public service ethics, political behavior
Marlon BoarnetMarlon BoarnetProfessor
Director, METRANS Transportation Center
Transportation, travel behavior, urban growth patterns, regional science, urban economics
Geoff Boeing headshotGeoff BoeingAssistant ProfessorTransportation networks, urban form, data science, urban informatics
Mary Lynne BoornAssociate Professor (Teaching)
Program Director, Real Estate Development Program, USC Price Wilbur H. Smith III Department of Real Estate Development
Principles of real estate, real estate finance, real estate development
Wändi Bruine de BruinWändi Bruine de BruinProvost Professor of Public Policy, Psychology, and Behavioral Science
Director, USC Behavioral Science and Well Being Policy Initiative
Hear my name
  • Psychology of risk perception and communication
  • Health behavior and patient decision making
  • Public perceptions of climate change and sustainability
  • Economic expectations and financial decision making
  • Behavior change interventions
  • Social science of science communication
  • Age differences in decision making and well-being
Lt. Col Mark R. BurleyProfessor of the Practice of Aerospace Studies
Department Head, Aerospace Studies
Aerospace Studies
Alice ChenAlice ChenAssociate Professor
Vice Dean for Research
Health economics, labor economics, applied microeconomics
Santina Contreras - HeadshotSantina ContrerasAssistant ProfessorEnvironmental Planning, Natural Hazards, Community Engagement, International Development, Engineering for Development
Spencer CoutsAssistant ProfessorAlternative investments, commercial real estate finance, and institutional investment
Elizabeth Currid-HalkettElizabeth Currid-HalkettProfessor
James Irvine Chair in Urban and Regional Planning
Economic development, the arts, cultural economy, social networks, urban growth, economic geography
Phil Dalton headshotPhil DaltonProfessor of Practice of Health Policy and Management Health policy and management, community health needs, national health care delivery, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions
Jorge de la RocaJorge De la RocaAssociate ProfessorUrban economics, labor economics, economic geography, urban migration
Moussa Diop headshotMoussa DiopAssociate ProfessorRental markets, real estate finance, mortgage securitization, corporate real estate, international real estate investment
Jason DoctorProfessor
Norman Topping National Medical Enterprise Chair in Medicine
Chair, Health Policy and Management Department
Co-Director, Behavioral Sciences Program, USC Schaeffer Center
Physician behavior and psychology, behavioral economics and health, patient choice and decision making, health policy and implementation, treatment preferences, prescriptions, health informatics
Nic Duquette headshotNicolas DuquetteAssociate ProfessorNonprofit economics, public finance, economic history
Nicole E. EsparzaAssociate ProfessorNonprofit organizations, networks, philanthropy, and urban inequality
Liz FallettaLiz FallettaProfessor (Teaching)
Program Director, Urban Planning Programs
Architecture, urban design, design criticism
James FerrisJames M. FerrisProfessor
Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs
Emery Evans Olson Chair in Non-Profit Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
Director, Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy
Philanthropy, nonprofit economics, public finance, public policy, institutional analysis
Paul GinsburgPaul B. GinsburgProfessor of the Practice of Health Policy and Management
Senior Fellow, USC Schaeffer Center
Health policy, health care financing and delivery, health care markets
Genevieve Giuliano headshotGenevieve GiulianoDistinguished Professor
Margaret and John Ferraro Chair in Effective Local Government
Transportation policy, metropolitan spatial structure, travel demand, urban transportation
Dana GoldmanDean, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy; C. Erwin & Ione L. Piper Chair;
Leonard D. Schaeffer Director’s Chair, Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics;
University Professor of Public Policy, Pharmacy, and Economics
Health economics and finance, health policy, the role of prevention in healthcare, healthcare reform, pharmaceutical regulation and innovation, precision medicine, value of delayed aging
Elizabeth GraddyProfessor
Jeffrey J. Miller Chair in Government, Business, and the Economy
Institutional economics, governance, nonprofit organizations,industry structure
Alexandra Graddy-ReedAssociate ProfessorPublic economics, philanthropy and nonprofits, social innovation, science and innovation policy, research and development
Richard K. GreenProfessor
Director and Chair of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate
Chair, Wilbur H. Smith III Department of Real Estate Development
Economics, housing markets, housing policy, tax policy, transportation, mortgage finance, urban growth
Howard Greenwald headshotHoward GreenwaldProfessorHealth service delivery, organizational behavior, survey design
Christian Grose headshotChristian GroseProfessor of Political Science and International Relations and Public Policy
Academic Director, USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy
American government, political institutions; political representation; the politics of the policy-making process; electoral behavior and campaigns; race, ethnicity, and politics; political and electoral reforms; field and survey experimental techniques to study the behavior of legislators, candidates, and other political elites.
Norris GunbyNorris GunbyAssociate Professor (Teaching)Health care contracting, health care policy and reform, healthcare strategic management, operational management in the long-term care continuum, racial microaggressions in the healthcare workforce
Shaun HarperUniversity Professor and Provost Professor of Education, Business, and Public Policy
Clifford and Betty Allen Chair in Urban Leadership
USC Race and Equity Center Founder and Executive Director
Race in K-12, Higher Education and Corporate Contexts, Urban Education, Boys and Men of Color, College Student Success, Intercollegiate Athletics
Michael E. Harris headshotMichael E. HarrisProfessor of the Practice of Health Services Administration and PolicyHealth care contracting, health care policy and reform, emerging health care delivery business models, health care innovation and its impact on health care delivery systems, health care prevention, wellness, patient access
Eric HeikkilaProfessorUrban development, economic development, East Asian cities, urban economics, urban information systems
Jeff Jenkins headshotJeffery A. JenkinsProvost Professor of Public Policy, Political Science, and Law
Maria B. Crutcher Professor of Citizenship and Democratic Values; Director, PIPE Collaborative
American political institutions and development, Congress, political parties, lawmaking, separation-of-powers, political economy
Col G. D. Juarez headshotCol. Gilbert D. JuarezProfessor of the Practice of Naval Science
Department Head, Naval Science
Naval Science
Rym KakiRym KakiAssociate Professor (Teaching)
Program Director, Master of Public Administration
Program Director, International Public Policy and Management Program
Public and non-profit organizations management, public policy analysis, urban poverty policy, social entrepreneurship, institutional design, program evaluation and social impact assessment
Genevieve KanterGenevieve KanterAssociate ProfessorHealth economics, health policy, FDA, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, conflicts of interest, physician-industry relationships, medical ethics
Annette M. KimAnnette M. KimAssociate Professor
Director, Spatial Analysis Lab (SLAB)
• Housing and Land Use • International Development Planning • Art and Culture Placemaking • Urban Spatial Data and Visualization
Dora VertentenDora Kingsley VertentenProfessor (Teaching)
Coordinator, Master of Public Administration – Online
Public policy, intergovernmental management, non-profit management, strategic planning, social media and information technologies useful in collaborative and participatory democracy
Geraldine Knatz headshotGeraldine KnatzProfessor of the Practice of Policy and EngineeringSeaport policy and management, maritime transportation, international trade, seaport sustainability, environmental impact analysis
Darius LakdawallaProfessor of Pharmaceutical Economics and Public Policy
Quintiles Chair in Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Innovation; Director of Research, Schaeffer Center
Health economics and health policy, the economics of risks to health, value and determinants of medical innovation, the economics of health insurance markets, industrial organization of healthcare markets
William LeachWilliam LeachProfessor (Teaching)Collaborative governance, planning, social policy, environmental policy, health policy, marine aquaculture
LaVonna LewisLaVonna B. LewisProfessor (Teaching)
Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
American politics, public policy (most notably health policy), interest groups, and federal programs
Danyao Li headshotDanyao LiAssistant ProfessorPublic Management; Representation and Diversity; Bureaucratic Decision Making; Social Equity and Justice; Law Enforcement
John LoperJohn LoperProfessor (Teaching)Real estate development, real estate finance, urban and suburban development, master planned communities, urban design
Julie MarshJulie MarshProfessor of Education Policy and Public PolicyK-12 Education Policy and Governance, Accountability, Teacher Incentive Programs, Data-Driven Reforms, School District Reform, School Choice, Equity-Oriented Reforms, Literacy Coaching
Pamela McCann headshotPamela McCannAssociate ProfessorAmerican political institutions, bureaucratic delegation, intergovernmental politics, legislative behavior, public policy, and policy diffusion
T J McCarthyT.J. McCarthyAssociate Professor (Teaching)Labor economics, health economics, economics of education, public economics, program evaluation
Headshot of Gelnn Melnick with fireplace behind himGlenn MelnickProfessor
Blue Cross of California Chair in Health Care Finance
Health economics, health finance, health care systems, managed care
Leonard MitchellProfessor of the Practice of Economic Development
Executive Director, Center for Economic Development
Real estate development finance and law, regional and local economic development, economic development finance and law, international trade finance and law
Karen MulliganKaren MulliganAssistant Professor (Research)Health economics, applied microeconometrics, labor economics
Juliet Ann Musso headshotJuliet Ann MussoAssociate Professor
Vice Dean for Graduate Programs
State and local governance; federalism, urban political economy, fiscal policy, community governance, government performance.
Dowell Myers 2022 squared headshotDowell MyersProfessor
Director, Population Dynamics Research Group
Demographic change, future of California, housing impacts, workforce and education, immigration and assimilation, communication for consensus about change
Deborah J. NatoliDeborah J. NatoliProfessor (Teaching)Adult development and learning, leadership, human behavior and organizations, depth psychology and psychoanalysis
Lisa OzaetaAssistant Professor (Teaching)Health care finance, law, strategy
Rosalie PaculaRosalie PaculaProfessor
Elizabeth Garrett Endowed Chair in Health Policy, Economics, and Law
Economics of addiction, market for addictive goods, addiction policy, delivery and financing of addiction treatment, cannabis and opioid policy
Mark PhillipsMark PhillipsAssociate Professor (Teaching)
Program Director, Master of Public Policy and Master of Public Policy Data Science
Public finance, tax compliance, policy salience, applied microeconomics
Jane Pisano, professor and former dean of USC PriceJane PisanoProfessorInternational relations, public administration, civic engagement
Mark PisanoProfessor of the Practice of Public AdministrationRegional planning, transportation, housing, development, environmental policy, enterprise financing, institutional design
Ltc. Polk headshot LTC Marvin Eric Polk III Professor of the Practice of Military Science
Department Head, Military Science
Military Science
Kelly Rawlings headshotKelly RawlingsAssociate Professor (Teaching)Civic engagement and public participation, organizational behavior, nonprofit leadership and management, transformational leadership and change
Christian L. RedfearnAssociate ProfessorPublic policy, urban economics, housing markets, real estate finance
Bill Resh headshotWilliam G. ReshAssociate Professor
C.C. Crawford Professor in Management and Performance
Public Management, US presidency and executive politics, policy implementation, organization theory, personnel policy, organizational behavior
Peter Robertson headshot 2019Peter J. RobertsonAssociate ProfessorOrganizational theory and behavior, organizational change, ecological governance, collaborative organizing, interorganizational networks
Mindy RomeroMindy RomeroAssistant Professor (Research)Political sociology, voting rights and electoral participation, latino political behavior, collective political behavior, youth civic engagement, identity and political movements, social stratification, new technologies and civic engagement
John Romley HeadshotJohn A. RomleyAssociate Professor of Public Policy and Pharmaceutical & Health Economics
Director, PhD Programs
Hospital industry, Health-care productivity / efficiency, Environmental health disparities
Adam RoseAdam RoseProfessor (Research)Energy and environmental economics, public policy, natural hazards and terrorism, regional science, applied general equilibrium modeling
Lisa SchweitzerProfessorEnvironmental justice, Sustainable transportation, Hazardous materials in urban environments, Community environmental quality
David SloaneDavid SloaneProfessor
Chair, Department of Urban Planning and Spatial Analysis
Urban history, community health planning, health disparities, cultural landscapes
Neeraj SoodNeeraj SoodProfessorInfectious diseases, health care costs, global health, economic epidemiology, health insurance markets and benefits design, medical innovation and regulatory policy, Medicare and aging
Erroll SouthersErroll G. SouthersProfessor of the Practice in National and Homeland Security
Associate Senior Vice President, Safety and Risk Assurance
Counterterrorism, homegrown violent extremism, school violence prevention
Roberto SuroProfessorImmigration, Hispanic immigration, immigration policy
Lois M. Takahashi headshotLois M. TakahashiProfessor (Teaching)
Houston I. Flournoy Professor of State Government
Coordinator, Master of Public Administration – Sacramento
Public and social service delivery to vulnerable populations in the U.S. and in Southeast/South Asian cities
Shui Yan Tang headshotShui Yan TangProfessor
Frances R. and John J. Duggan Professor in Public Administration
Chair, Department of Public Policy and Management
Institutional Analysis and Design; Collaborative Governance; Local and Community-based Governance; Common-Pool Resource Governance; Environmental Politics and Policy; Microfinance
Professor Michael ThomMichael ThomAssociate Professor (Teaching)
Director, DPPD Program
Taxation; public finance; regulatory policy; public policy analysis; political philosophy
Bryan TysingerBryan TysingerAssistant Professor (Research)
Director of Health Policy Microsimulation, USC Schaeffer Center
Fellow, USC Schaeffer Center
Modeling health and economic outcomes over the life course; dynamic microsimulation modeling; valuing the burden of disease, medical innovation, and disease prevention; international comparisons of health policy solutions; Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
Detlof von WinterfeldtProfessor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Policy, Planning, and Development
J.A. Tiberti Chair in Ethics and Decision Making; Executive Director, USC Center for Sustainability Solutions
Decision analysis, risk analysis, environmental policy, behavioral decision research, homeland security
Frank Zerunyan headshotFrank V. ZerunyanProfessor of the Practice of Governance
Director, Executive Education Programs; Director, ROTC Programs
Local Governments, Administrative Law, Public Private Partnerships, Leadership, Negotiation, and Executive Education
Julie ZissimopoulosJulie M. ZissimopoulosProfessor
Co-Director, Aging and Cognition Program, USC Schaeffer Center
Economics of aging, economics of the family, labor economics, health economics

Special Appointments

Mark BaldassareSenior Fellow on Governance
Angus DeatonAngus DeatonPresidential Scholar
Jane HarmanJane HarmanPresidential Scholar in Residence
James HeckmanJames HeckmanPresidential Scholar in Residence
Daniel McFaddenPresidential Professor of Health Economics
Leonard SchaefferLeonard D. SchaefferJudge Robert Maclay Widney Chair
SchwarzeneggerArnold SchwarzeneggerGovernor Downey Professor of State and Local Policy

Visiting Faculty

GarciaJorge Luis Garcia
Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Management

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