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Knowledge plus action can change the world. Our research led to expanding health insurance for 65 million people in India. We helped Southern California create or retain more than 8,500 manufacturing jobs. You’ll find Price researchers working at all levels, local to global, making an impact on the world.

Price research is renowned both for its capacity to apply expertise from multiple fields to a single issue and its depth of contributions to each field. Its interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to examining major issues of our day contributes to shaping real-world solutions and improving the quality of life for people and communities, here and abroad. USC Price houses 13 research centers, institutes, and initiatives that cut across all primary degree areas in the school.

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Research Opportunities for Students

Students have many opportunities to engage in USC Price research. They may work as graduate and undergraduate research assistants, participate in student research conferences, and attend the many research seminar series offered within the school. USC Price research is frequently collaborative and often interdisciplinary, involving not only USC Price faculty and students, but also faculty and students from engineering, the social sciences, education, health sciences, or business. Many of the school’s research activities take place under the auspices of its nationally and internationally known research centers and groups.

Innovation? Environment? Transportation? We’re on it.

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USC Price experts are often featured in national news organizations.

Downtown Los Angeles freeway

Will Los Angeles meet the challenges of the 21st century?

From inequality to housing to the environment, the city of Los Angeles is an ideal laboratory for understanding the issues that face society and testing policy solutions. Find out how USC Price students and researchers learn from their location while striving to make it a better place.