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For more than 80 years, the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy (formerly USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development) has prepared some of the nation’s most dedicated leaders and connected them with influential organizations that help solve the world’s most complex challenges. As one of the nation’s elite professional schools, the USC Price School delivers graduates who are diverse, driven, and well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the organizations they serve.

The USC Price School believes that its graduates will make a difference in the world. The Office of Career Services is committed to helping students and alumni achieve this goal.



The Price Office of Career Services is making significant strides to improve career services for USC Sol Price students and alumni.

We have launched an immersive Career Development Program (CDP) for students, and Sol Price is the only public policy school in the nation offering this level of comprehensive career training. We believe it will be a unique differentiator for USC Sol Price in the marketplace. Additionally, we are refocusing efforts to increase the number of employers that recruit directly through Price.

The Career Development Program (CDP) consists of five Boot Camps covering the following topics:

  • Resume – Creating the Perfect Ad
  • Creating Your LinkedIn Profile and Developing Your Professional Branding Statement
  • Adopting a Proactive Job Search Strategy
  • Networking Nuts & Bolts
  • Interview Strategies and Tactics

Individual Career Development Plan (iCDP) – Following the completion of the boot camps, participating students will “graduate” with a completed individual Career Development Plan (iCDP). The iCDP will be the student’s road map for his/her job search while a student at Price. The iCDP will include the following components:

  • Professional Objective / Positioning Statement
  • Potential Roles
  • Skill Gap Assessment / Action Plan
  • Core Competencies
  • Target Market(s)
  • Company / Organization Target List
  • Networking / Communication Strategy
  • Execution Plan / Timeline

Labs – Our office will launch a series of hands-on, interactive and collaborative sessions (or ‘labs’); the purpose of the labs will be to allow students to take a deeper dive on the topics covered during the boot camps.

Success Teams – Success Teams were launched in the Spring 2015 semester and will continue throughout the year. The Teams are offered to students who are seeking internships or fulltime employment. The goal of the Success Team is to provide Price students with a collaborative and fun environment to discuss job search strategies, review trends in the job market and how it might impact your job search, and learn insight on how to better market yourself to potential employers.



Networking Event / Job Fairs – These events bring students and professionals together to share knowledge and experiences in an environment conducive to good conversation and networking. As a Price student, you will have an opportunity to meet with alumni and professionals who are well qualified to help you understand the latest trends within various industries and sectors. These events are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Sacramento Area Career Trek (SACT) – The Sacramento Area Career Trek (SACT) is a new and exciting program designed to connect our students with employers/alumni in the Sacramento/State Capital area. With 500+ USC Price alumni living and working in the Sacramento area, this is an amazing opportunity for our students to build their professional network. Our dedicated alumni frequently hire Price students for full-time and internship positions, so this is a great opportunity to explore career opportunities in Sacramento!

Alumni Panels – These panels will focus on career paths that a Price student will pursue as it relates to his/her specific major, as well as share insights on the job search process in general.

Career Coach Peer-to-Peer Program (P2P) – The Career Coach Peer-to-Peer program allows second year Price students an opportunity to serve as career development coaches for first year students. These coaching relationships provide opportunities for first year students to define and work through critical career development goals and for second year students to build an enhanced coaching skill-set.

Executive-in-Residence (EiR) – This program provides a unique opportunity for Price students to work closely with a senior-level executive(s) to review job search strategies, discuss iCDP, and generate networking opportunities.

Price Professional Mentor Program (PPMP) – The goal of this program is to match current Price students with alumni who share common career interests and goals. Mentors serve as role models, offer advice on academic and career goals, and guide students as they begin to develop professional networks. The role of the Mentor in this program is to assist the student in career planning, give feedback on observed performance, help build self-esteem, create and facilitate networks, and help the student design realistic goals.


We welcome the opportunity to connect with you:


How to make an appointment for Career Advisement

It’s now easier than ever to make an appointment with a Price career advisor! Just log onto your PriceNet account, click Calendar and Request New Appointment. Choose the availability that best works for your schedule. You can even download your appointment to your own personal calendar!

You may meet with any of our advisors:

  • Scott Turner – Director of Career Services
  • Julie Labich – Associate Director of Employer Relations
  • Lisa Luna – Career Services Advisor

*Additional advising appointments are available on a walk-in basis only on Fridays in STU B-1 from 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm.

Career Services Team

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  • Phone:
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