USC Price School of Public Policy

Presenters and Key Leadership Topics


Current and Past Presenters
Lorraine Aguilar Listening for breakthroughs
Pauline Arneberg Organization development; action research; group process consultation and training
William Bellows Enterprise thinking; resource leadership; and relationship management
Tara Blanc Motivation; public management; public service ethics; organizational behavior; civic engagement
Angela Blanchard Organizational transformation
Ralph Bledsoe Transformation approaches; client-consultant relationships; organizational behavior; leadership demands analysis
Catherine Burke Leadership and management theory; organizational design and systems
Mary Campbell Emotional intelligence; interpersonal effectiveness; organizational behavior; workplace performance
Kelly Campbell-Rawlings Ethics in leadership; intersections between governance, citizens and civil society
Thomas Collins Strategy formation, human enterprise management, and leadership development
Terry Cooper Ethics of leadership and leading responsibly; citizen participation and engagement; administrative ethics
Richard Costigan Policy development and legislative strategy; legislative and government relations
Rick Culley Understanding and improving the effectiveness of leaders; strategic planning; executive coaching
Thomas Cummings Creating empowered work environments; designing high-performing organizations; strategic change efforts
Janet Denhardt Creativity and innovation
Richard Dixon Implementation and politics of budgetary policy making; collaboration and negotiation
Eric Douglas Decision-making and managing decisions; strategic planning; leadership development; change management
Jerry Estenson Leadership of teams; structuring systems, tasks, and responsibilities; building organizational capacity
Halee Fischer-Wright Strength-based leadership; values-based partnerships; entrepreneurial development
William Fujioka Leading and implementing new governance structures; political management
Michael Genovese New leadership approaches
Ronald Gilbert Customer-focused leadership; career development and effectiveness; organizational performance; career development/work preference indicators and assessments
Britta Guerrero Strategic planning; building an organizational mission and vision
Emory Hagan Leadership principles for adversity; decision-making models; action development and execution
Billy Hamilton Reforming public organizations; performance review; tax and fiscal policy; resource allocation
Daniel Haverty Servant leadership; team training and development; program evaluation
Roderick Hickman Leadership as a lifestyle; challenging the process; leading yourself and identifying key leadership foundations
Andrew Imada Human-systems integration; organizational design and change; participatory strategies and macro-ergonomic approaches
Jake Jacobs Strategic change paradigms; organization engagement initiatives; business sustainability
Prasad Kaipa Organizational systems; creativity and innovation
Elizabeth Kersten Conflict, power, and politics; addressing regional and state policy challenges; political management
Laree Kiely Leading through influence; navigating uncertainty; facilitative leadership; organizational effectiveness solutions
John King Core-value driven leadership; leadership conversations and identifying a noble cause; learning models
Mary Kirlin Community and civic engagement; collective decision making
Kenneth Kizer Facilitating sustainability infrastructure development; prioritizing and aligning outcomes with strategy and vision
Mark Kroeker Leadership, language, and models for understanding; developing organizational structure, trust, and growth
David Landis Negotiations; consensus building; leading conflict resolution; mediation, arbitration and collective bargaining fundamentals
Charles Lane Moving an organization forward; leadership challenges in a changing times; social capital; organizational commitment
Art Leahy Power and influence; negotiation; political management; scenario planning
David Levy Leadership from a paradigmatic perspective; motivation, influence, and persuasion; organizational psychology and theory
David Logan Emerging patterns of corporate leadership; organizational transformation; team building; leading change in the workplace
Marc Mertz Action planning; performance management; creating and fostering teamwork
Brinton Milward Building and managing effective social networks; designing communities of collaboration; network leadership
Mike Morrison Leadership consulting: supporting frameworks; management life-cycles and systems theory
Steve Moya Branding, marketing, and communication; governance tools for societal leadership
Afsaneh Nahavandi Cross-cultural leadership; leadership development; organizational behavior
Chester Newland Leadership accountability; facilitative organizational leadership and frameworks; constitutional standards and values
James Parco Information structures and decision-making; perception, inquiry, and organizational power; reflective leadership
Michael Parkyn Creating leaders through a mentoring culture; leadership core values, character and culture
Rita Paskowitz Authentic communication; storytelling
Gregory Patton Developing new leadership perspectives; the behavioral change process; understanding leadership styles; leveraging teams
Mark Perez Culture change; innovation; aligning performance to motivation systems
Jane Pisano Strategy and change; leading in political environments; creating organizational vision and partnerships
Christine Porath Workplace incivility; environmental and contextual analysis; employment life cycle; organizational costs of culture
Connie Rice Systems change; formulating strategic initiatives and fostering sustainable progress
Peter Robertson Empowering self and others; collaborative culture, organizing and governance; organizational commitment
Miguel Santana Adaptive leadership; managing conflict and differences; consensus building and community stewardship
Herb Schultz Stakeholder roles and responsibilities; organizational communication channels; policy versus politics
Raymond Smith Motivation and cultivating your people; capability-based assessment processes
Erroll Southers Leadership in politics and adversity; charismatic leadership and influence processes; power of persuasion
Ronald Stupak Strategic systems based on performance measures, quality improvement, and competitive advantage; leadership integration models
David Suarez Designing, engineering, and managing culture; leading organizational change; power and influence dynamics
Melissa Succi-Lopez Leading and managing high performing teams; characteristics of teams; shaping organizational goals and objectives