USC Price School of Public Policy

Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management


Over recent years, the actions and perspectives of society’s critically important nonprofit organizations have earned increased – and well-deserved – public recognition. Not only do these organizations collect and analyze relevant data, they also provide a more comprehensive understanding of complex issues.  Leaders across the public and private sectors have awakened to the great capacity of the nonprofit sector to steer effective policy and governance practices within a socially responsible framework.  In advocacy and action, the importance of this sector will only continue to grow. And those who lead and manage nonprofit organizations will be held more accountable as primary agents of social change.

The USC Price Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (MNLM) program prepares students to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of nonprofit leadership.  Professional instruction builds problem solving skills by integrating knowledge of multiple funding sources, the unique legal and regulatory environments, and a range of interactions across government and business. The USC Price MNLM program deepens understanding and involves real-world experience in the field for those interested in philanthropy, nonprofits, and social innovation.

Unique Features of the MNLM Program

  • Courses position nonprofit activities within the broad cross-sector context for social innovation and change.
  • Students engage with the research infrastructure and grow professional connections through the Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy, the Sol Price Center for Social Innovation, and 11 other USC Price research centers.
  • A focus on management analytics – often involving big data and related technology – to make strategic choices and measure performance and outcomes.
  • Engagement with high-performing philanthropy and nonprofit organizations
    that hold partnerships with USC Price
  • Access to leaders in the field — many operating in Los Angeles. The Southern California region is home to more nonprofits organizations than any other place in the nation.
  • Personalized advising services and placement support
  • Client-based capstone course in final semester that deepens holistic understanding of the field and creates a positive impact within a nonprofit.

  From the MNLM Director:

Nonprofits play an increasingly critical and unique role in the world, engaging in activities ranging from philanthropy to advocacy to service provision. Our MNLM students are trained to become leaders in the field with the passion to innovate and use their skills to generate real world impact.

Nicole Esparza Assistant Professor Nicole Esparza
Director, Graduate Programs in Nonprofit Leadership and Management