USC Price School of Public Policy

Health Policy and Hospital Management


The specialization addresses issues of relevance to the growing role of health financing, health insurance and hospital management in the health sector. It prepares professionals for managerial and leadership positions in organizations that:

  • deliver healthcare services such as hospitals and medical groups
  • regulate, monitor, organize or pay for healthcare such as departments in a Ministry of Health and health insurance companies
  • produce medical products such as pharmaceutical companies and medical supply companies.

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» Organizations for Site Visits and Internships


Courses in this area of specialization cover:

  • health economics and healthcare financing issues
  • Regulation
  • hospital management, strategic planning, and marketing
  • insurance principles
  • operation of health plans (benefit package design, premium setting, enrollment)
  • provider payment methods
  • cost management techniques such as utilization review
  • quality assurance

Graduates fill many roles from staff analysts to middle management and executive positions.

Sample courses for this specialization include:

  • Management of Managed Care Organizations
  • Management of Long–Term Care Organizations
  • Administration of Healthcare Organizations
  • Economic Concepts Applied to Health
  • Financial Management of Health Services
  • Health Information Systems
  • Strategic and Operational Planning for Health Services
  • Marketing of Health Services
  • Concepts and Practices in Public Personnel Administration
  • Problems and Issues in the Health Field
  • Seminar in Comparative Health Systems
  • Seminar in Hospital Administration

Organizations for Site Visits and Internships

Los Angeles is a dynamic healthcare market with many of the largest, most innovative healthcare organizations. These organizations help to make California an exciting place in which to study health insurance and managed care issues. Unmatched in terms of professional and organizational diversity and scale, California is home to more than:

  • 450 hospitals
  • 100 insurance and managed care organizations
  • 50 multi–specialty medical group practices
  • 500 specialty healthcare organizations, such as:
    • Utilization review companies
    • Third party administrators
    • Hospital management companies
    • Healthcare consulting companies
    • Medical records abstracting and coding services
    • Healthcare software and MIS companies
    • Healthcare law firms

IPPAM has working relationships with many of these organizations, which serve as part of our professional network for arranging site visits and student internships. Some of the organizations in this network include:

  • Kaiser Permanente (HMO)
  • Blue Cross of California (HMO)
  • LA Care (public sector HMO)
  • California Department of Corporations (regulates HMOs)
  • LA County–USC Hospital
  • Cedars–Sinai Health Systems
  • UCLA Medical Center
  • Los Angeles County Department of Health
  • California Department of Health Services
  • RAND Corporation