Just released: USC Price research publication

November 15, 2018

USC Price Research - Advancing Knowledge, Forging Solutions

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For nine decades, the Price School has forged solutions and advanced knowledge, meeting each generation of challenges with purpose, principle and a pioneering spirit. Our mission remains improving the quality of life for people and their communities here and abroad.

One of the chief ways in which we fulfill this mission is through the scholarship conducted by our faculty and our research centers. The strength of the USC Price research enterprise lies in the multiplicity of interconnected disciplines and diverse passions housed under one roof, catalyzing new ideas to solve contemporary problems.

The report showcases some of our faculty, their scholarly contributions and the research centers that unite these experts to produce research with results. In selecting which projects to highlight, we considered the following criteria:

  • Did the research address a critical problem facing society?
  • Did it significantly advance knowledge and provide new insights into the behavior of individuals and organizations?
  • Did the research inform the public or policy discourse by bringing new evidence or insights to contentious issues?
  • Did it have an impact on public policy?
  • Did it influence governance or decision-making in the public and private sectors?

The scholarship featured in this publication meets not just one but several of the above criteria. For example, Jason Doctor’s research, published in Science and the Journal of the American Medical Association, not only advanced knowledge about effective ways to change physician behavior but has also been adopted by a number of state public health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to curb inappropriate prescribing practices.

Bill Resh’s research, published in top journals in public administration, has improved understanding about the behavior and motivations of public servants and is being used by federal and local governments to gauge employee perceptions and attitudes about their jobs. Studies by Emma Aguila were covered by major media outlets in Mexico and led to pension reforms that improved the lives of millions of elderly.

In this publication, we not only highlight the depth of our research but also its breadth. The scope of subjects Price faculty investigate is vast and also spans multiple countries. Examples include evaluating charter schools in California, examining philanthropic impact in Detroit, analyzing data on fuel standards and auto safety, expanding health care coverage in India and exploring the implementation of a reverse mortgage program in Japan.

We not only enjoyed curating some of our faculty’s latest accomplishments but also learned a lot from reading about their work. We hope you will come away with the same experience.

Jack H. Knott, PhD
C. Erwin and Ione L. Piper Chair
USC Sol Price School of Public Policy

Neeraj Sood, PhD
Vice Dean for Research and Professor
USC Sol Price School of Public Policy