Price School in Sacramento hosts Moldovan Parliament staff

January 29, 2015


From USC staff reports

The USC Price School of Public Policy in Sacramento hosted senior parliamentary staff from the Republic of Moldova on Jan. 20.

Janet Denhardt, director of USC Price in Sacramento, called the meeting “an enriching international conversation on governance in-action.”

Led by Paul Danczyk, director of executive education, Chester Newland, professor emeritus, and Steve Boilard, executive director of the Cal State University Center for California Studies, the discussion centered on legislative values and structures.

Given Moldova’s intense political pressures and rich historical legacies, what makes the country great also tends to cause frustrations when considering political participation and elected-versus-administrative roles. Separation of powers, transparency, collaborative arrangements and advocacy were topics of particular interest.

While Danczyk and Boilard shared contemporary opportunities and challenges facing state legislatures, Newland bridged modern approaches with historical perspectives from his work within Moldova as a United Nations representative in the 1980s.

The Moldovan delegation’s meeting with the Price School in Sacramento was part of a multi-day California visit arranged by the Northern California World Trade Center.