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USC Price International Specialization

Professional practice is inexorably rooted in context. Thus, in a globalized era, our professions are themselves becoming internationalized.

Dr. Eric Heikkila
Professor and Director of International Initiatives

USC Price Students at Cultural Park in Hong Kong

At USC Price, we understand the importance of training the next generation of professionals to be competitive in this global context. The International Specialization provides USC Price students with an opportunity to examine the role of professional practice in a broader social, cultural and economic framework. It challenges them to tailor their classroom knowledge and skills to meet the often unique issues that arise in foreign settings. Students who earn the International Specialization designation are better prepared for the professional demands of this globalized era.


The International Specialization consists of 12 units.

  • Core: 4 units earned through participation in the USC Price International Laboratory (PPD 613ab; a=1 unit, b=3 units)
  • Electives:8 units drawn from the following courses:
    • Comparative International Development (PPD 526) – 2 units
    • International Planning and Development Laboratory Workshop (PPD 532L) – 4 units
    • International Development Opportunities (RED 583) – 2 units
    • Comparative International Development Workshop (RED 585) – 4 units
    • Comparative Urbanization, Development and Inequality (PPD 615) – 4 units
    • International Development Administration (PPD 677) – 4 units
    • Processes of Change in Transitioning Societies (PPD 678) – 4 units
    • U.S. Immigration Policy (PPD 686) – 4 units

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