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Global Engagement

Fostering collaborative opportunities for international research and education

Since the 1950s, the USC Price School has fostered opportunities to engage with international entities. Today, our school has formal relationships with institutions across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the World Bank. Our faculty’s impactful research has contributed to expanding health insurance coverage in India, underground housing in Beijing, elderly income security in Mexico and urban planning inequality in Latin America, and public-sector leadership in South Africa.

In this era of globalization, the arena of professional practice is an international one. Today’s and tomorrow’s leaders must be adept in addressing issues that arise both locally and globally. The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy recognizes the importance of training the next generation of professionals to be competitive in this globalized context. The USC Price School offers:

Ultimately, we want to ‘bring global home’ in a way that makes a global perspective a normal perspective.

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Explore how our faculty and students shape the future of our global community

International Research and Projects

Academic research is a hallmark of the Price School. Comprised of internationally recognized scholars, faculty conduct research that transcends borders to better communities worldwide. Faculty work collaboratively with international scholars and leaders to understand the changes impacting our society. Together, they solve real-world problems in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The results of these projects have been shared within scholarly publications, books, research reports, and academic and professional forums. In addition, USC Price School centers and institutes conduct a variety of international research projects that span a diversity of topics.

Short-term International Executive Education

The USC Price School is equipped to provide tailored executive training to foreign government officials and managers from international organizations. Training courses fall within the three broad themes: Governance, Urban Development, and Social Policy. A wide range of topics can be addressed within these themes including:


To learn more about USC Price School’s tailored short-term international training program, please e-mail:

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