USC Price School of Public Policy

Recruitment Schedule

Our Recruitment and Admission staff will be active in the upcoming months: visiting college campuses, attending and hosting sessions in various cities, and hosting information sessions on our campus. We encourage you to review our recruitment schedule and visit one of these events or schedule an admission visit to meet a representative of our school.

Please note: Details about the Idealist Fairs can be found at

You may also click on the following links for more information regarding the Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development (MRED), Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA), or the International Public Policy and Management (IPPAM) programs.

Date Event Location Recruiter E-mail
9/19/2017 Idealist Fair New York, NY Sarah Esquivel
9/20/2017 Idealist Fair Atlanta, GA Will Coucheron-Aamot
9/25/2017 Idealist Fair Boston, MA Derek Robinson
9/27/2017 UC Berkeley Graduate
Attend SF Idealist Fair Oct 11
Berkeley, CA Will Coucheron-Aamot
10/3/2017 Idealist Fair Washington, DC Marisol Rios
10/5/2017 Idealist Fair Chicago, IL Will Coucheron-Aamot
10/9/2017 Idealist Fair Seattle, WA Derek Robinson
10/11/2017 Idealist Fair San Francisco, CA Will Coucheron-Aamot
10/11/2017 UCLA Graduate Fair Los Angeles, CA Derek Robinson
10/14/2017 Education USA Mexico City, Mexico Marisol Rios
10/18/2017 UC San Diego Graduate Fair La Jolla, CA Derek Robinson
10/19/2017 USC Graduate Fair Los Angeles, CA Will Coucheron-Aamot
10/24/2017 Loyola Marymount Graduate Fair Los Angeles, CA
11/1/2017 UC Riverside Graduate Fair Riverside, CA Will Coucheron-Aamot
11/2/2017 UC Santa Barbara Graduate Fair Goleta, CA Derek Robinson
11/4/2017 Diversity Forum Channel Islands, CA Derek Robinson
11/7/2017 UC Irvine Graduate Fair Irvine, CA Will Coucheron-Aamot
11/9/2017 CSU Northridge Graduate and Professional School fair Northridge, CA Will Coucheron-Aamot