Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development

Real estate developers are the impresarios of the built environment. They orchestrate the talents of many players and balance the needs and interests of the various constituents touched by a real estate project. It is their job to discover how we want to live and work and to provide the settings accordingly.

In many ways, real estate professionals are the creators of the urban landscape, working within a complex system of finance and governance to tackle the challenge of converting undeveloped or under-utilized resources into homes, employment centers, and places of recreation and commerce. With the excitement of finding place-based solutions to the unique set of problems presented by a real estate project, there also are the risks, rewards, and responsibilities that come with making our built environments more habitable and prosperous.

With greater frequency, community groups, government agencies, other property owners, and even the media are becoming involved in the development process. The capital markets, political and regulatory context, and major players change so rapidly that it is difficult to remain informed, let alone competitive. To deal with the complexity of the field and its far-reaching effects, today’s real estate professionals require advanced training to prepare them to operate in increasingly technical and interrelated areas.

What makes the Dollinger MRED program unique?

MRED Program Dr. Christian Redfearn, Borstein Family Endowed Professor of Real Estate

USC Price’s Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development program prepares graduates for key positions in real estate development and investment. The program does this by delivering a strong academic framework on which professional practice is built. Courses combine lectures, cases, and active engagement with the industry so students experience and master all facets of real estate’s tasks and challenges: finance and deal structuring, market analysis, site planning, political approvals, and project management; and across all product types: residential, retail, office, industrial, and hospitality.

The USC Dollinger MRED has a long tradition of providing education focused on real estate fundamentals and the recent market fluctuations have only served to sharpen our commitment to this legacy. The particulars of real estate are moving targets but the essential tools of underwriting are the same durable framework around which we oriented the program. Leadership requires looking ahead. While our curriculum is always evolving to meet the needs of our students, the structure remains constant: fundamentals matter and USC Dollinger MRED graduates leave the program skilled as complete real estate professionals.

The Dollinger MRED program offers a number of distinct features, including:

  • An Exceptional Faculty:
    Full-time USC faculty are joined by developers, lawyers, architects, planners, and other prominent professionals who bring cutting-edge relevance to the classroom and bridge learning with practice.
  • Lusk Center for Real Estate:
    USC’s Lusk Center for Real Estate serves as the liaison between the academic program and the real estate industry. It provides MRED students with a forum for professional development and offers them unique opportunities to connect with the real estate community.
  • Distinguished Tradition:
    Created in 1986, USC’s MRED degree is among the oldest, most respected, and one of few graduate degrees focused on real estate in the country.
  • Southern California:
    The Los Angeles metropolitan area and its surrounding counties provide a rich urban environment within which to study real estate. In this world-class hub of real estate innovation and activity, MRED students study an exceptionally wide range of projects, learning equally from failures as well as successes.
  • International Focus:
    Recognizing the increasingly global nature of real estate, the School is dedicated to preparing our students to be effective practitioners throughout the world through the international study tour class. MRED students can travel on a 10-day professional-level overseas visit, which most recently have focused on Asian markets such as Hong Kong and Seoul. Students meet with notable developers, government officials, and prominent business leaders actively involved in the real estate community of the international setting, thereby enhancing their global perspective and network while gaining valuable practical exposure in the field.

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