Public Policy and Law Track


Required Track Courses:

PPD 313 Finance of the Public Sector
PPD 314 Public Policy and Law (track gateway)
POSC 340 Constitutional Law or LAW 300 Concepts in American Law

Choose 2:
PPD 315 Analytic Foundations for Public Policy
LAW 200x Law and Society OR PPD 342 Crime and Public Policy

Track Electives (select 2)

ECON 434 Economic Analysis of Law
POSC 444 Civil and Political Rights and Liberties
PPD 360 Urban Transportation Planning and Policy
PPD 382 International Development
PPD 410 Comparative Urban Development
PPD 414 Community Health Policy and Planning
PPD 439 Housing and Community Development
PPD 461 Sustainable Communities, Policy and Planning
PPD 478 Social Innovations
PPD 485 U.S. Immigration Policy
PPD 357 Government and Business
LAW 403 Mental Health Law