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Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development

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The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development (BRED) within The Wilbur H. Smith III Department of Real Estate Development builds upon USC Price’s longstanding commitment to real estate education.

Successful real estate leaders must be able to navigate an increasingly complex profession. Whether they work in real estate development, finance, or investment, build industrial warehouses or multifamily apartments, the best real estate professionals must know how to operate within the fields of finance and capital markets, regional and city planning, architectural design, and public policy.

Richard Green

Richard K. Green

Professor and Lusk Chair in Real Estate

Chair, Wilbur H. Smith III Department of Real Estate Development

Mary Lynne Boorn

Associate Professor (Teaching)

Vice Chair for the USC Price Wilbur H. Smith III Department of Real Estate Development

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A Competitive Degree for a Competitive Field

The Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Development at the USC Price School of Public Policy offers the most comprehensive undergraduate real estate education in the country. All facets of real estate development, finance, and investment are covered while simultaneously providing students with a solid understanding of the broader context in which real estate operates.

Leaders in this field are needed more than ever as cities become the engines of economic growth. In 2006, half of the world’s population resided in urban areas. Within a generation, 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas. This means billions of new residents for cities around the world and new challenges for real estate everywhere. The next wave of growth and change in cities will be in revitalized downtowns, in maturing suburban cores, and across transformed neighborhoods. How will you fit into this crucial arena?

In addition to USC Price full-time faculty, learn more about the industry leaders teaching as adjunct faculty in the real estate program.

“Comprehensive financial underwriting is fundamental for real estate. But real estate exists in an urban context. Public policy can create or destroy value. Students who receive a real estate degree from USC Price will leave understanding real estate as it is in the real world.”

Richard K. Green
Professor and Lusk Chair in Real Estate
Chair, Wilbur H. Smith III Department of Real Estate Development

Our Foundation of Excellence

This program aims to educate the next generation of real estate developers and entrepreneurs, and builds upon the Price School’s long standing commitment to real estate.

For over 30 years, the Price School has been a pioneer in real estate education. USC Price was one of the first academic institutions to offer a graduate degree in real estate with the establishment of the Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development degree in 1986. The Price School also offers two specialized non-degree programs in real estate: the Ross Minority Program in Real Estate and the Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development.

Preparing You to Succeed

Outside of the classroom, you will be encouraged to reflect on the role you would like to play in shaping our cities. Through career counseling and numerous extracurricular programs, all of our students gain an understanding of the full range of career options in real estate. In addition, internship experiences provide direct exposure to the workings of real estate firms and allow you to apply skills leaned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of two notable networks within the real estate program:

USC Trojan Real Estate Association provides a forum for undergraduate students to establish their network of contacts, a necessary resource for the industry. Each year TREA hosts alumni speaker panels, site visits to projects under construction, and opportunities to meet with real estate employers.

The USC Lusk Center for Real Estate is world renowned as one of the most prominent real estate research centers. Each year, the Lusk Center convenes industry leaders, students, and faculty in seminars, workshops, symposia, and forums to examine the current state of the industry and to anticipate future opportunities and challenges. The Lusk Center also houses the USC Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast.

“I’m grateful for so many aspects of my undergraduate experience at USC but can definitely say I wouldn’t have been nearly as prepared to start my career without the BRED program in Price. A class that I often think back to is RED 425 Designing Livable Communities with Professor Liz Falletta. She helped us understand the importance of developing with a clear purpose. It was in this class that, for the first time, I felt like I could combine everything I’d learned thus far and truly apply it to a real-world scenario. The BRED program gave me exposure to various facets of real estate and a holistic perspective on the industry.”

Elsa Mann BRED 2020
Senior Analyst, Investment Group, American Realty Advisors

Real Estate News

Research Centers

A construction site

Lusk Center for Real Estate

Affiliated with both USC Price and the USC Marshall School of Business, the USC Lusk Center conducts a broad array of research activities, conferences, forums, published reports, and educational programs. Established in the early 1980s, the center addresses issues and opportunities in real estate, development, planning, infrastructure, and finance in the new arena where public, private, and nonprofit interests converge. The Lusk Center also houses the Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast.

“Two major takeaways from the BRED program were knowledge and network. Knowledge included a wide breadth of classes touching on architecture, finance, policy, and construction. The real estate finance classes were the most impactful by introducing me to valuable concepts such as time value of money, net present value and internal rate of return that prepared me for my first full time position. The USC network opened the door to a mentoring relationship while I was a student and eventually a job with my current employer. The Trojan Family is a gateway to opportunity I was fortunate to receive.”

Reuben Peters BRED 2018
Investment Manager, Paragon Commercial Group

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