MUP Internships

MPL Internships

MUP students without significant experience working in an urban planning position are required to complete a 400-hour internship.

Internships may be completed during the regular semester along with the student’s course work or during the summer.

Internship Requirements Step-By-Step Guide

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In their own words …

schumacher“Price’s Graduate Student Internship Fund scholarship enabled me to continue work with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s LARiverWorks team, supporting its revitalization plan and mapping the social profiles of communities along the L.A. River. Putting planning in action and seeing the practitioner’s view really underscores the value of self-initiative in government. I better understand how to translate an idea sparked by MPL class discussions into reality.”

— David Schumacher (MPL ’16)

Examples of recent internships:

Chicago Metropolis 2020:
Completed Chicago Metropolis 2020 case study, Homes for a Changing Region report. The report suggested that municipalities adopt a comprehensive housing policy plan for communities that include: Transit Oriented Developments, Bus Rapid Transit and Live/Work housing options to meet the needs of the projected population in 2020. Worked with CMAP Housing Committee to plan housing using a regional framework for the predicted population of 2040.

Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD):
Worked on two specific planning projects: Suzhou City Master Plan and the Beijing Central Business District East Extension Area Design Competition. Provided data in English and compiled case studies for international examples relevant to the project sites. Facilitated several organized discussions about the American urban planning process with CAUPD employees.

Worked on three planning projects: Hainan Province Master Plan, Baoji City Master Plan and Master Plan for the spatial development of Baima Lake District. Completed case studies for relevant projects and participated in field trips to corresponding sites. Exchanged ideas with clients, project managers, and landscape architects. Designed layouts and revised the final report.

City of Los Angeles Planning Department:
Worked on environmental clearances for discretionary cases pending with the Office of Zoning Administration and the Advisory Agency. Assessed development projects per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the City of Los Angeles’ CEQA Thresholds Guide. Managed and reviewed tract and parcel maps for general consistency, handling several case files at any given time.

City of San Jose, Environmental Service Department:
Worked on a high profile environmental resource center designed to LEED platinum standards in a community historically with low participation in recycling. Assisted with operating a non-profit business to inform the community of sustainable building practices.

City of San Ramon, Department of Transportation Planning:
In concert with the Transportation Analyst, developed strategic plan to implement Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs for the business community. Provided input to the development of marketing materials for employer-based transit incentive program. Worked in collaboration with Transportation Analyst on the development of student transit ticket program. Contributed to community outreach.

Community Redevelopment Agency/Los Angeles:
Managed the façade program by communicating project status between contractors, architect, project manager assistant and business client. Conducted neighborhood survey around the Goodyear tract. Created a fees assessment spreadsheet and project status letter for clients.

Dudek, Inc.:
Directly worked with San Diego City Planners, Developers, Land Use Design Consultants and Environmental Planners to prepare environmental planning documents pursuant to CEQA/NEPA. Analyzed a planning project’s environmental impacts and made recommendations.

Lalloo Weeks LLP:
Performed outreach activities to expand the business. Performed research to find new leads and to discover which services would be most appropriate for each firm. Assisted in preparing responses to requests for proposals from local governments and non-profit agencies.

Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning:
Assisted and prepared the General Plan update for the unincorporated areas of the County of Los Angeles. Identified current impediments and opportunities for compliance, researched relevant programs in other local jurisdictions and evaluated implementation options.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA):
Assisted in developing and identifying strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by creating a sustainability program plan for the MTA. Conducted legislative research related to climate change reports and identified best practices to implement sustainable programs. Hosted quarterly Sustainability Roundtable meetings. Directly involved with outreach and developing transportation planning objectives in meeting a Sustainable Communities strategy plan.

Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation:
Worked in conjunction with the Business Assistance Team in implementing the Layoff Aversion Grants secured through American Reinvestment and Recovery funds to assist “at risk” businesses in Los Angeles County. Worked in conjunction with the Business Assistance Team on a county wide targeted retention effort and on highly confidential attraction projects to Los Angeles County.

Researched and analyzed public records and prepared zoning project summaries and expedited entitlement activities with government agencies. Assisted Project Managers on the entitlement process ranging from affordable housing projects to mixed-use commercial projects. Organized and updated databases.