USC Price School of Public Policy

MHA Students

MHA StudentsMHA students come from all over the country and many nations in the world. They vary in cultural diversity, background, experience, interests, professional training, work experience and education.

Many see MHA as a way to change careers, move into high growth delivery sectors, or to assume more significant management or executive roles in their organizations. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other highly educated allied healthcare professionals often view the MHA degree as a way to improve management of their practices or to pursue non-clinical roles in healthcare organizations.

With this diversity, all are similar in their leadership potential, analytical and writing competencies, and their commitment to making a difference in their organizations and the field in general.

MHA Student Characteristics

MHA Program Characteristics 2014-2015
Total Enrollment 144
% Enrolled Full Time 83%
% Enrolled Minority ^ 55%
% International 6%
% Outside Southern California ^ 31%
Average Age 25
Average Class Size (Core) 31
# of New Students * 64
GPA (second and third quartile range) * 3.04 – 3.51
GRE (second and third quartile range) * V = 147-157, Q = 147-156

^ Domestic Students
* Entering Students – Fall 2014