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Message from the Commanding Officer – Colonel Sean M. McBride

Col McBride

Thank you for your interest in the Trojan Battalion.  As part of the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Unit Los Angeles Consortium (partnering with the other school across town), the Trojan Battalion is made up of some of the finest young Americans that our country has to offer.  Our goal is to further develop our Midshipmen mentally, morally, and physically, instilling in them the highest ideals of duty and loyalty along with the Naval core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  Upon graduation our Midshipmen are commissioned as Marine Second Lieutenants or Navy Ensigns, and go on to lead America’s Marines and Sailors around the world.  After their time in the service is up, whether that is five years or 30 years down the road, our NROTC alumni return to society as solid, contributing citizens who continue to serve their communities and their nation in civilian leadership roles.

To earn their spot in the Trojan Battalion, some of our Midshipmen were high-performing enlisted Marines selected for the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program, but most applied for a NROTC scholarship while still in high school.  We also have a few motivated Midshipmen, our “college programmers,” that are USC students who were inspired to serve their country and just walked in to our offices, requested to join, were accepted, and now are fully participating Trojan Battalion members competing for their own NROTC scholarship.

The NROTC is a highly competitive program with about 35% of those applying for scholarships accepted.  In addition to attending naval science classes, physical training sessions, and our weekly naval science laboratory, each summer our Midshipmen travel to a Marine Corps or Navy base to participate in a challenging 2-4 week long training event. 

NROTC is not for everyone.  If you want to live an easy life, then NROTC is not for you.  However if you want a challenge; if you want to live a life of significance; if you want to belong to something larger than yourself; if you want to make a difference in the world, then you may have what it takes to be a member of the Trojan Battalion.

If leading Marines and Sailors, serving your country, and making the world a better place appeals to you, take the first step by contacting LT John Frnka at [email protected] or by going here to start your application process.

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