USC Price School of Public Policy

Research Initiatives

Population Dynamics Research Group

The Population Dynamics Research Group studies the structure and trends of the population of the Los Angeles region and California as a whole to bring a population-centered perspective to planning and policymaking. Specific research areas include immigration, changes in ethnic and racial composition, tobacco use and health, education, housing, transportation, census data and alternative planning forecasts.

Spatial Analysis Lab for Teaching and Research

Committed to expanding the visualization of public policy and urban planning, the USC Price School launched its Spatial Analysis Teaching Laboratory (SATLAB) and a Spatial Analysis Lab (SLAB) for research. SLAB’s research experiments with developing alternative cartographies to bring attention to overlooked urban spaces and people. It also critically studies how our visual narratives interface with social institutions and public discourse.

Tomás Rivera Policy Institute

The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI) is a nationally recognized policy and research organization covering issues related to Hispanic and other low-income minority groups. Founded in 1985, the institute is also well-known in the political behavior field and for its accurate assessment of community attitudes. TRPI is a recognized leader in “college knowledge,” specifically the tactics necessary for negotiating acceptance to and gaining the financial support for attending college.