Master of Health Administration

Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program

US News & World Report ranking 2021, Public Affairs in Health Policy and Management

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Master of Health Administration Program

Our health care system is undergoing profound change unlike any experienced before. Access, quality, and cost of health care are critical issues that affect all citizens, residents, and communities.

Health care and the health care industry – which account for more than 17 percent of the entire U.S. economy – involve complex and fast-moving developments in technology, economics, ethics, finance, policy, and management. Visionary and effective leadership is needed to improve management structures in a highly competitive, market-driven environment.

Tomorrow’s health care leaders must address such pressing issues as:

  • How will we control health care costs as baby boomers become senior citizens and medical technology continues to advance?
  • How will health care dollars be allocated across generations?
  • How can we measure quality of care?
  • How can we assure that all U.S. residents have access to health care?

As the delivery system changes, career opportunities abound. The field needs leaders and managers – in hospitals, health plans, medical practices, health-related enterprises, and community health organizations – who have the passion, knowledge, and skills to shape the future of health care.

What makes the MHA program so unique?

The USC Master of Health Administration (MHA) program has been training leaders in health management and policy for more than 35 years. Features of the USC MHA include:

  • A focused health management and policy degree that offers students breadth and depth in areas of specialization
  • MHA faculty who are renowned experts in their field
  • Strong ties to the health care community
  • Access to numerous employment opportunities
  • 1,000-hour administrative residency
  • Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME)

  From the MHA Faculty:

The U.S. and California health care systems evolve constantly to better meet the needs of society, even when faced with significant budget constraints. Our program prepares health care administrators to lead their organizations by adopting innovative solutions based on evidence.


Dr. Mike Nichol
Professor and Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs