Employer Resources

USC Price Career NightThe USC Price Office of Career Services connects great employers with highly qualified students and alumni who want to help your organization achieve great success.  These impressive candidates have had the benefit of working with leading faculty and professional mentors in areas such as public and nonprofit management, health care administration, urban planning, policy analysis and managing international programs.

We invite you to partner with USC Price Office of Career Services.  From posting a job to establishing your organization’s presence on campus, building a relationship with our school provides exclusive access to outstanding talent.

Expand your candidate pool:

PriceNet is the school’s Jobs, Internships and Fellowships database available to over 1,800 USC Price students and 16,000+ USC Price alumni. Please click here to create a profile so that you can post opportunities and review your applicants at any time!

To submit your internship or job, please complete the Employer Job Submission online form.

Agreement: I understand there are Federal and State laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and standards that determine whether interns should be paid at least the minimum wage and overtime, including but not limited to the Fair Labor Standards Act, for services they provide to “for-profit” private sector employers. In addition, I understand my organization is solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws.

By posting an unpaid internship on PriceNet, I acknowledge that I have reviewed all applicable Federal and State laws, rules, regulations, standards and guidelines that apply to the State in which the unpaid internship will be based and the State in which the organization is domiciled, and I warrant that the organization’s unpaid internship meets all applicable requirements and standards.

For more, information visit the Federal Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet or speak to your Human Resources and/or Legal departments.

Streamline your hiring process:

  • Host Information Sessions
    Increase awareness of your organization’s goals, current projects, and staffing needs by offering on-campus Information Sessions or presentations.
  • Conduct On-Campus Interviews
    The Office of Career Services can manage and schedule interviews with candidates at your convenience. The best time to conduct on-campus interviews is September through November and January through April each year.
  • Become an Internship or Externship Provider
    USC Price student interns will be an asset to your organization, offering skilled support while gaining practical work experience. Many are offered full-time positions at these organizations after graduation, which means they come in with the specialized knowledge and familiarity to contribute from day one.
  • Participate in the USC Price Career Fair and Networking Nights
    Maintaining a presence at these popular events provides you the opportunity to meet our students and alumni from across the globe, while increasing your visibility and branding on campus.