NAUT Program Classes


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Nautical Science Program

Click below to learn more about the classes required to complete the Nautical Science program, or follow the Schedule of Classes for classroom locations and registration information. Look for Nautical Science (NAUT) listed under the Price School of Public Policy.

Each sailing voyage during the semester limits the number of students onboard. This ensures all students have ample opportunity to participate in the operation of the vessel and practice their skills.

NAUT 001ax Deepwater Cruising. Crew Level.

  • No previous experience necessary.

NAUT 001bx Deepwater Cruising. Watch Captain Level.

  • Prerequisite: NAUT 001ax or equivalent experience.

NAUT 002a/bx Advanced Deep Water Cruising. Senior Skipper/Advanced Senior Skipper Levels.

  • Prerequisites: 001ax and 001bx or equivalent experience.