Dollinger Master of Real Estate/Master of Business Administration


The Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development/Master of Business Administration dual degree program is designed to hone a student’s skills in planning, land development, marketing, decision sciences, accounting, management, finance and economics. The program is best-suited for students who have a clear career goal of becoming a real estate developer who understands all core aspects of the development process. The program normally requires two years (including summers) of full-time study in residence.

Students must complete a total of 82 units including 48 units from the USC Marshall School of Business and 34 units from the Price School of Public Policy.

USC Marshall School of Business
Economics of Urban Land Use – Feasibility Studies (FBE 565) – 3 units
Advanced Real Estate Law (FBE 588) – 3 units

In addition, students must complete 42 units of other Marshall School of Business courses.

USC Price School of Public Policy
Real Estate Development and the Economy (RED 500) – 2 units
Market Analysis for Real Estate (RED 509) – 4 units
Finance of Real Estate Development (RED 542) – 3 units
Real Estate Capital Markets (RED 544) – 2 units
Applications of Real Estate Finance To Problems of Development (RED 546) – 3 units
Project Management and Construction (RED 547) – 2 units
The Approval Process (RED 551) – 4 units
Design History and Criticism (RED 573) – 2 units
Building Typologies (RED 574) – 2 units
Community Design and Site Planning (RED 575L) – 4 units
Real Estate Product Development (RED 598) – 2 units

Students take four units of elective courses within the Price School of Public Policy.

Comprehensive Examination
Students are required to complete a comprehensive examination administered by faculty members from both the Marshall School of Business and the Price School of Public Policy.